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    Innovative drug research and development of living beings: the time to squeeze in the laboratory to finance
    Release time£º 2016-11-14 Views£º 416
    Held at the end of October the eighth session of the China pharmaceutical entrepreneur conference and the 2016 pharmaceutical industry innovation forum, Hong Kang pharmaceutical 10 years to spend 1 billion yuan, independent research and development "was approved, Xipu KangBo" direct phase III clinical trials into the FDA story, Kang Hong pharmaceutical vice president Yin Jinqun gains a lot of attention.

    Chairman Sang Huiqing is one of the biological chairman, he did not hide the envy of Kang Hong pharmaceutical, Kang Hong is a listed company, capital is very strong, to attract world-class talent". However, Ren Hui biological listed on the new board in "no revenue", days are All sufferings have their reward.

    Boil out of the enterprise in the field of innovative medicine is a minority, many companies are still struggling in the next money where to come, the plight of how to capital by Dongfeng, become a major issue of their survival. But between capital and R & D, people strolling, people strive for, some people complain incessantly, and sketched out a "Innovation Medicine financing faces".

    1 billion years 10 of the capital relay

    At the meeting, many entrepreneurs about their innovations, like talking about my own children proud, and Yin Jinqun mention "Xipu Compro" is full of pride.

    "The first is Chinese Xipu KangBo" WHO international generic biological class I drugs, by Kang Hong pharmaceutical with autonomous intellectual property rights. Not long ago, "Xipu KangBo" rival ranibizumab "forced" price 26%, FDA later approved it directly into phase III clinical trials to make this product popular attention.

    However, behind the dazzling achievements in ten years of grinding sword hardships, Yin Jinqun with "10 1 billion year" to summarize their efforts. The Yin and the talk about the frustrations, the funding is not his most headache.

    According to the "twenty-first Century economic report", before the "Xipu KangBo" listing, CDH investment director Wang Lin has repeatedly visited chairman Kanghong pharmaceuticals, led 5 institutions CDH's investment Nakasone pharmaceutical to 340 million yuan, holding 10% stake in the company, this is Kang Hong the only one round of financing of listed pharmaceutical first, this round of financing is only one in cdh.

    "A lot of funds are visited at the time, but later (Kang Hong pharmaceutical) only chose cdh." "Twenty-first Century economic report" quoted Wang Lin as saying. Obviously, in the field of capital chasing, Nakasone pharmaceutical defensive.

    Can be seen from the above cases, unlike many innovative pharmaceutical companies, Nakasone pharmaceutical and other listed companies have long been "primitive accumulation", not bad money in terms of R & D investment "". The innovation of pharmaceutical companies "benchmarking" Hengrui medicine is an example, the 2016 semi annual report shows that during the period of R & D investment reached 489 million yuan, representing an increase of 38.76%.

    The chairman Ren Hui sang 'creatures, their situation than Nakasone pharmaceutical, since the project since 1999, the company's research and development has progressed for 15 years, but fortunately a capital "ride". The company listed in August 2014 listed on the new board, less than half the time, by virtue of not yet listed on the main product "Yi Tai", on the financing of 400 million yuan, previously, Ren Hui biological investment has been borne by the shareholders.

    "The Commission is still quite a big support for our efforts, the Commission hopes that through our role model, the flow of capital flows to innovative enterprises, and now look good." Sang Huiqing introduced to the participants, since the company since the market, the average daily trading turnover of 2 billion 900 million yuan, 9 million 260 thousand yuan, turnover rate of 75%, the introduction of CITIC Securities, Orient Securities, aerospace industry funds and fund de Chuan medicine.

    "How to solve the funding problem is the main problem faced by each Biotech Corp." Sang Huiqing said that three new board listed on its introduction of strategic investors, the stability of the team has played a positive role.

    Long R & D cycle and lack of R & D expenses

    Kang Hong pharmaceutical enterprises can master the rhythm, but many companies are still in the process of the toddler, funds for them, is still waiting for.

    "Biological drugs require very large financial support, as a scientist, a scientist from the point of view, I have spent a lot of time in financing, and spent a lot of time to do what I was supposed to stay in the lab." Zhuhai Microlab bio Tylenol chairman Liao Huaxin to include the "daily economic news" reporter said.

    As a member of the "thousand person plan to return, Liao Huaxin believes that the financial support is not sufficient," the world's leading work platform back home, is not a simple work, is the accumulation of many years, but also for many years under the financial support to complete".

    Like Liao Huaxin, the returnees are not a few entrepreneurs, returnees become the field of domestic bio pharmaceutical industry is also a consensus of the participants. "The construction of sustainable development China pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem" (hereinafter referred to as the ecological report) display, since the "thousand person plan" since 2009 officially launched, has attracted a total of 12 batches of more than 6000 high-level creative talent to 20% for entrepreneurial talent, with the eleventh batch of the "thousand person plan" as an example 33% for biomedical field personnel.

    In recent years, the influx of domestic funds into the field of life science has been improved. Private capital in promoting the development of start-ups also contributed. Ecological report shows that the risk of capital investment in the field of life sciences, the number of transactions in the first half of 2016 has exceeded 2015, 2014 of the total, reaching 127, while the total investment compared to 2015, an increase of nearly 50%.

    The amount of financing of start-up companies also continue to grow under the help of private capital. The ecological report shows that 2016 Ding pharmaceutical get billions of dollars B round of financing, Jiuding pharmaceutical won $28 million B round of financing in April this year, China led the industry to complete the $50 million C round of financing, the cornerstone industry in July this year, A round of $150 million investment.

    However, for the development of more than 1 billion yuan investment, and up to 10 years of development time, the current investment is an utterly inadequate measure. R & D is burn, you can not say that sales this year up I cast a little more than next year without investment does not go, must have corresponding capital and funds to ensure that." Vice president of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association Luo Xielong said.

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