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    How to develop drug chemists
    Release time£º 2016-11-14 Views£º 321
    Recently, "Med. Chem. J." published an article to discuss how to develop future drug chemists. Author Rafferty Michael is a professor at University of Kansas, who was one of the leaders of Pfizer's pharmaceutical industry, so it has a considerable understanding of both the University and the pharmaceutical industry. The title of the article "can not be denied, the problem of drug chemistry training" is very shocking.

    The advantages and disadvantages of the traditional model

    He pointed out that the traditional school, the work of medicine, the model is not successful. The main evidence is that even if the medicinal chemists experienced views on the same issue is highly inconsistent, the chemical concern is not enough. His solution is the joint education of industry and university.

    Pharmaceutical chemistry is a very complex application of science, organic synthesis is a key skill. But pharmaceutical chemistry is far from limited to organic synthesis, including a large number of other skills. So where, when and what kind of skills to learn has been a controversial issue.

    The traditional model is to master all of the organic synthesis skills in the University, in the work to learn other skills. This model certainly has shortcomings, such as the author said that the drug and chemical technology and your work, scientific research projects directly related to the work can not be a comprehensive system of training.

    However, the author believes that the university to train drug chemists do not fly. First, the university is very good at basic research, including the synthesis of technology, so the highest organic efficiency in the university. The industrial sector is very little attention to the synthesis of skills, if you leave the school this basic ability is not enough, then the work is almost impossible to improve, because the synthesis problem is rarely discussed.

    In turn, the school is not a place to learn pharmaceutical chemistry, because the drug chemistry skills needed to get through the actual combat, while the school does not have the resources to participate in real drug development combat training. Now have the ability of scientific research from the target group cannot point through screening, crystal structure design optimization compounds, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, toxicity and other properties of the said no, but very few, not only the number of fingers will be able to hand over. This is like a football training without the venues, equipment, it is impossible to learn real skills.

    Is there a better model?

    The authors noted that there is a working experience of drug chemists can not be picked out from many molecules have been proved to be a failure of drug molecules. However, this does not prove that the other training mode is more effective.

    Drug chemistry is now an art, no matter which training model out of the people can not agree with a high degree of consistency, it is impossible to consistently predict which molecules will be through the long lead optimization barriers. New drug optimization is about 20% is controllable, and the other 20% are gray zone, and the rest of the 60% in our current knowledge outside the scope of. To distinguish between those that we can control and optimize this part of the nature, don't pretend that we understand the random events, your success rate will be higher than others.

    The physical and chemical properties of the compound are of course very important, but the main obstacles of different projects are different. The selectivity of kinase inhibitors is the most important, a good chemical property is not good, but the selectivity of compounds is better than a good physical and chemical properties, but the potential of compounds with a much greater selectivity.

    Because the drug development process is long, many factors, it is difficult to prove which model is more effective, it is difficult to identify the new model is successful or not. These arguments are all in theory, so the argument over the years is still a confused account.
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