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    Wei Planning Commission: 13th Five-Year new drug major special framework has been set up
    Release time£º 2016-11-14 Views£º 372
    The State Planning Commission, medical science and Technology Development Center said, "" 13th Five-Year "health and health science and technology innovation planning" is walking program, creating new major projects closely related to the frame has been set, but the project process management in the reform, compared with the previous faces many new changes and new orientation.

    In the "health China 2030" strategic program, the national health and health science and Technology Innovation Conference held in Beijing recently, with the introduction of the two guidelines, with particular emphasis on the core position of technological innovation in health and health; and before the status of science and technology innovation in the health industry in the usually just "support".

    Comparing the "12th Five-Year" major drug discovery projects, content and objectives of the implementation of key over the past 5 years are: to meet the people's demand of basic drugs and need to foster the development of the pharmaceutical industry, a number of key technical breakthrough in drug discovery and production process, developed 30 innovative drugs, transformation of about 200 drugs, improve the drug with the creation of Chinese modern technology platform, the construction of a number of pharmaceutical industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the basic form of national drug innovation system has China characteristics, enhance the pharmaceutical enterprises independent research and development ability and the industrial competitive force.

    The Liberation Daily and on the view of the news reporter was informed that the "13th Five-Year" major special basic forming expected landmark achievements, is the output of a number of major varieties, developed 30 major innovation varieties, 20 to 30 major varieties including clinical needs; to promote the rapid development of pharmaceutical industry development, the formation of 3 to 5 backbone enterprises the output value of more than 50 billion yuan, with strong international competitiveness; improve the national drug innovation system, the innovation ability reached the international advanced level. Clearly, its 2020 specific target is bigger and higher.

    Therefore, medical and health science and technology development center director Li Qing said that the policy level is considered "13th Five-Year" closing account, confirm whether the "real major major projects", focusing on really bright spots. According to reports, this is China's implementation of major projects management reform pilot, pilot 4, two is directly related with medicine, which is a major new drug ", another is" AIDS and viral hepatitis and other major infectious diseases prevention and control".

    How to project and establish what is the key to ensure the smooth implementation of major projects, the successful implementation of. Therefore, the competent authorities in the process of using a new approach, strict procedures, public information, the whole leave marks, can be pursued responsibility. For example, the project declaration before it is necessary to pay attention to "self check", any project and responsible for the issue such as repetition, the project will not be in the form of review by experts; at the same time, the reform form, randomly selected experts in the expert database unified, and identified the evaluation experts list will be 3 days in advance publicity. Li Qing said that the future assessment of special, there is no need to inquire about the list of experts and judges, but the new video reply, but also to the project applicant and the assessment experts do not meet.

    As for the research direction, the Shanghai municipal health and Family Planning Commission of science and technology education director Zhang Kan said that China is to strengthen the system construction and improve the clinical research, clinical research resources abundant domestic calling for high level clinical research achievements. However, in a survey of their study, clinical research situation in China is not optimistic, the amount of test in multicenter clinical trials database traceability, inspection, the world reached 160 thousand, of which the United States more than 70 thousand, more than 40 thousand of Europe, Chinese, less than 5000, only a fraction of the United States and Europe, so domestic clinical guidelines are still dependent on imports of test data and conclusion.

    Li Qing also said, should mobilize health and health workers, especially clinical experts involved in major innovation, "clinicians not all papers issued in the SCI, but to write papers on the edge of the bed, written in the process for the treatment of patients".
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